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It's time for you to smile!

Patient testimonials

"I want to thank David and his team for their professionalism, kindness and encouragement. I'll miss you all! Xxx"

"David Gale and his team were always cheerful, helpful and professional. Being treated was a pleasure."

"I was extremely impressed with the level of service that I received from David Gale and the staff. It has been a pleasure."

Jess, teenager
"Very good, friendly staff let me know what was happening, efficient and fast treatment time with very pleasing finish."

David Gale - The Specialist Orthodontic Referral Centre

William, teenager
"David Gale's orthodontic centre has made a real difference to my life. Thank you."

Melissa, teenager
"The best service I think I've ever received in healthcare. David Gale and staff were 100% on form at all times, brilliant!"

Melissa, teenager
"I love my smile! Could not stop smiling and everyone could not stop complimenting me! I'm so happy I had braces, it's so worth it!"

"A huge thank you to David Gale and all the staff! I am very pleased and really couldn't thank everyone enough!"

David Gale - The Specialist Orthodontic Referral Centre

"I would definitely recommend my friends. David Gale has changed my smile and I believe everybody else deserves this opportunity."

"David Gale and all his team were very kind and caring and answered all my questions so that I could understand them."

"I would recommend this treatment to anybody of any age, it's fantastic to smile without worrying about my teeth. I would like to thank David Gale and his lovely friendly staff for giving me my confidence back."

Melissa, teenager
"I would just like to say a huge thank you really for making me feel so confident and for giving me my smile back. Your staff were always very polite and helpful."

David Gale - The Specialist Orthodontic Referral Centre

Melissa, teenager
"I was transferred from another orthodontic centre and wasn't sure if the treatment would be as good, in fact, it was better. The staff were always really friendly and made you feel comfortable. The treatment was excellent, the centre aimed to get my braces off in the shortest possible time whilst still getting great results and a fabulous smile!"

"I have absolutely no complaints, everybody was highly friendly and the treatment was first class. I would recommend others to have orthodontic treatment."

"I am extremely pleased with the result, and I couldn't have asked for anything more. David Gale and team couldn't have done a better job. The only other comment I have is that the team is amazing, and if anyone is having seconds thoughts they can be put to rest."

"I'm really pleased with the result, it has really boosted my confidence. I never thought the treatment would be so straightforward. I would like to thank everyone, especially Mr Gale."

David Gale - The Specialist Orthodontic Referral Centre

"The treatment was amazing, the people there were really nice and very helpful. They also were very quick to perform what was needed. I couldn't have asked for a better orthodontist."

"I would recommend it, results at the end are great. It not only changes your teeth but also your life, it makes you feel more relaxed about your smile."

"I normally get very tense and panicky about going to the dentist, but everyone that helped with the treatment were especially nice, supportive and friendly which made things a lot easier for me."

"A really good orthodontist, took time and careful when adjusting brace. Thank you."

Ninety-six per cent of our patients rate our service as "excellent" or "very good" in anonymous surveys. We are always keen to hear both positive and negative feedback of any sort, so that we can continually improve our service. If you want to send feedback please do so by email to or by calling 01329 284419. We have a practice complaints procedure which you can download here explaining how any complaint will be handled. If you need any further information please make contact.

It's time for you to smile!