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It's time for you to smile!

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Lingual braces

The lingual bracket system is nearly invisible. Because the braces are placed behind the teeth no one will ever know that you are wearing them unless you tell them! A lingual brace is a new generation of braces for people of all ages who do not want to show a brace.

David Gale has completed additional complex training to be able to provide this near invisible option to patients who need to look entirely natural whilst their teeth straighten. With a lingual brace your friends and acquaintances do not need to know that you are wearing a brace. This may be important for people who work with the public or are just self-conscious of visible or low visibility braces. It is also a step forward improving your smile for an upcoming event as teeth can align quite quickly.

Because of the complexity of working behind the teeth lingual brace patients need to show good compliance and flexibility with regards to appointment times. Lingual treatment has become widely acceptable and should be considered as an option in all adult treatment plans.

It's time for you to smile!