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Removable Appliances

Removable appliances are used to tip teeth rather than move teeth bodily. They can in some cases influence the shape of the dental arches and the shape of the jaws to change facial profile. They are usually used before and in conjunction with fixed appliances.

Removable appliances are not utilized to treat all orthodontic problems. It takes skill, and experience to recognize conditions that will respond favorably to removable appliances. Timing of such therapy also is very important. 

Removable appliances require care. Although you may notice an effect on eating and speaking along with an increase in the flow of saliva, you will eventually adjust to the appliance after three days. Apart from cleaning, if you take the removable appliance out even for a short time, then you will never get used to it. You must wear the removable appliance all the time except for cleaning, for it to work.


When fixed braces are removed, the teeth can quickly move back into their previous crooked positions (relapse), if they are not held using retainers.

As adults get older, our jaws do continue to change and our teeth become more crooked as part of the natural ageing process. This can still occur following brace treatment. Therefore long-term retainers are recommended to keep your smile perfect. If retainers are not worn at all, then the teeth will move gradually over time.

There are two types of retainers available at our orthodontic practice:

  • Removable clear plastic retainers – one set is included with all treatment
  • Bonded retainers (optional, additional fees usually apply)

Removable retainers are made of clear plastic. You must wear these every evening and overnight for at least 12 hours in the first year after active treatment. If you are a teenager then removable retainers must be worn every night until the age of twenty. Then removable retainers should be worn long-term at least three nights per week. Removable retainers ensure all of the teeth are held in position, including the back teeth. If you have had bonded retainers fitted, removable retainers are placed over them for double retention.

Bonded retainers consist of a thin precise wire which is glued to the back surfaces of your six front teeth so it cannot be seen. The wire can be applied to either the upper or lower arch, or both. Bonded retainers are recommended as they ensure the front teeth stay in place once active treatment is complete, even if you forget to wear your removable retainer!

It's time for you to smile!