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It's time for you to smile!

Teeth straightening and bite correction

Are your teeth holding you back from:

  • Meeting people?
  • Having your photos taken?
  • Celebrating a big birthday?
  • Getting married?
  • Being confident?


Creating that “WOW” smile and protecting dental health is what orthodontics is all about

A beautiful smile makes a pleasing appearance, promotes self-esteem and is valuable to social and career success. The right age can be any age, 25% of our patients currently in treatment are adults. An attractive smile is just one of the benefits.

Dental health and orthodontics:

  • A "bad bite" can contribute to excessive enamel wear and chipped teeth over time. Very importantly, people do not realize that their teeth are wearing faster than expected until it is too late. Protecting dental health by moving teeth out of harm’s way may also reduce your dental bills in the future.
  • Prominent teeth are easily broken in sport or common accidents.
  • Without treatment, orthodontic problems may make effective tooth cleaning more difficult and time consuming than it needs to be.
  • Impacted (buried) canine teeth occur in one in 50 people and can silently harm nearby teeth if left untreated.

A specialist orthodontic opinion can tell you if any of these problems apply to you.

What can be achieved with orthodontic treatment?
Braces fit easily into today's active lifestyles. They are more comfortable, easier to keep clean and less visible than in the past. With a range of braces we can:

At David Gale – The Specialist Orthodontic Referral Centre – we aim to achieve the ideal smile you want for the rest of your life. That’s got to make a difference!


What is stopping YOU achieving your perfect smile?

  • Perhaps you heard orthodontic treatment is really expensive? – We offer interest free payment plans from as little as £30.67 per week.
  • Are you concerned that having a brace is uncomfortable? - Please read through some of our testimonials to find out what our patients really say.
  • Do you think you are too old to wear a brace? – Our oldest patient started treatment when she was 76. We can transform your smile, whatever your age.
  • Are you afraid a brace will show too much? - It is very common now for adults to wear braces. Our low visibility braces are very popular but we also offer nearly invisible braces too.


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It's time for you to smile!